Monday, July 1, 2013

The House of Rose Book Review

{Book:} The House of Rose
{Author:} Nita Welsh Owenby
{Copyright:} April 19, 2013
{Pages:} 214
{Description:}Nita Welch Owenby’s ‘The House of Rose’ is deeply woven with the histories of North Carolina, portraying life in the Appalachian Mountains in the early twentieth century. The story follows young Valee Rose, who, at the age of fourteen, finds herself abused and without a family. As she dreams for a better time and place for those in her care, and for herself, Valee faces her struggles with a great deal of determination. In reaching out to others she learns that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself.

{Alesha's Thoughts:}

Valee Rose, daughter of Fate and Mandy Rose, sister of Wilde, Zeke and Jake Rose and granddaughter of Samuel Rose.
Valee is violently attacked in the beginning of the book not far from her home in the mountains of Western North Carolina, sexually assaulted and left for dead on the banks of the Little Tennessee River while two men, her drunken brother included, burn down her house with her family inside.
Once Valee is rescued by an elderly lady named Aggie, she grows up to pave the way for women everywhere. She disguises herself as a boy to attend Ashville College and graduates with flying colors. Through sheer determination and strong will, Valee later known as Rose Wilde turns a brothel into a safe house for young, pregnant girls and abandoned children.

While the idea and story line behind this piece of work is not all that bad, I'm not gonna lie, considering it took me nearly two weeks to read this 214 page book, I was disappointed. I didn't really care for it at all. The names used are really weird and there are way too many characters. The time frame on it is also extremely fast it's hard to keep up with. And let me tell you, there is a LOT death in this book. It seems like nearly every new character that is introduced is somehow killed off. There were some grammar mistakes and some of the story doesn't really add up but I guess whether or not you'd like it is left entirely up to you. 

To read or not to read?
Go ahead, give it a shot. Maybe you'll enjoy it more.

Alesha's Rating:
4 out of 10

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