Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Book by It's Cover(s): Prophecy of the Sisters

I love seeing the changes in covers that some books get. A lot of the time, it does wonders for the author and for the sales of the book itself. And as I've noticed this, I've also found myself wanting to make some posts about some of my favorite or some of the most recent changes. For instance...
The gifted author, Michelle Zink, had some changes with the cover of her incredible debut gothic novel, PROPHECY OF THE SISTERS.

+ The ARC cover:

+ The First Edition Cover:
+ The Newest Cover:
Now, personally, I have the first two versions myself ( the ARC and the hardback first edition.) But I do adore the new cover, and find myself tempted to add it to the collection. I'm very glad the ARC cover changed, because I wasn't all that fond of it. And I love the first edition cover, the mysterious appeal of the twin statues and the rose -- plus, there's something almost... unsettling about it, which I found to be an ideal fit with the gothic theme. But the newest cover is rather stunning, and showcases the sisters for us. It has a nice composition to it, still holds some mystery about it, and will probably draw more appeal to more readers with this fresher cover. I definitely don't see this as a bad cover upgrade.
And, no matter what cover it has, I still say you need to rush out and get yourself a copy of Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink. She's extremely gifted, not to mention a wonderful woman all around.

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