Monday, July 8, 2013

Review: The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

{Book:} The Future of Us
{Author(s):} Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler
{Copyright:}Penguin Books LTD 2011
{Release Date:} November 2011
{Pages:} 356
{Description:} It's 1996, and Josh and Emma have been neighbors their whole lives. They've been best friends almost as long-up until last November, when everything changed. Things have been awkward ever since, but when Josh's family gets an America Online CD-ROM int he mail, his mom makes him bring it over so Emma can install it on her new computer. When they sign on, they're automatically logged onto Facebook....but Facebook hasn't been invented yet. Josh and Emma are looking at their profiles fifteen years in the future. Their spouses, careers, homes, and status updates-it's all there. But it's not what they expected. And every time they refresh their pages, their futures change. As they grapple with the ups and downs of what their lives hold, they're forced to confront what they're doing right-and wrong-in the present.

{Alesha's Thoughts:}

What a ride this book is! Jay Asher, author of Thirteen Reasons Why, has done it again! Partnering up with Carolyn Mackler, the two release this amazing story about two kids, Josh and Emma who are diaper buddies if you will. They live next door to each other and everything is awesome between them until Josh gets an AOL cd. He's iffy about it but Emma is excited. Mind you, this book is set back to the times when phones had cords and cell phones were the size of soda bottles.

Once they discover Facebook, they have to make a decision of whether or not to keep it hidden. They both realize that their futures are not what they were hoping for. Josh is married to a babe and Emma is married to a guy she doesn't love. The status updates and futures change with every refresh and the two are left to figure out how to make things different.

A great book to read no matter what your age is. I definitely recommend The Future of Us!

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