Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Monster's Proof by Richard Lewis

Livey Ell is the only normal person in a family of geniuses. She's a cheerleader with an absentminded professor father and a math genius of a little brother, and she's sure that life couldn't get any weirder than it already is.
But when her little brother, Darby, brings his childhood imaginary friend Bob to life through a mathematical proof, things start to get really strange. Bob, a creature of pure math, hates chaos and disorder in any form. And as his power grows stronger, he becomes determined to fix our disorderly world in any way possible.
But that's not the only danger. People know that Bob is in our world -- including a top-secret government organization that wants to control him, and a cult of Pythagoreans who worship him.
Now Livey and Darby will need all the help they can get to stop him -- before the world as we know it is changed forever.
Monster's Proof is a horror novel that brings together pure mathematics with adventure, humor, romance, and some of the most original characters you'll ever meet.

What can I say about this book -- other than it is intelligent, beautifully written, and very original.

Being a horrid math student myself, the concept of Algebra itself sometimes seems like a horror novel to me all in itself. Now, Richard Lewis has made my worst mathematical fears into a novel.

I’m quite pleased with the wonderful flow of MONSTER’S PROOF. Every time I sat down with MONSTER’S PROOF, I was sucked in, sitting and easily reading a ton of pages -- really, two nights of solid reading is all it took. It is so absolutely fascinating!

MONSTER’S PROOF is an exciting book in YA horror that has emerged as a formidable novel foe.

Check it out!

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