Monday, July 22, 2013

Special Author Spotlight

So I know we've already done an Author Spotlight and an Artist Spotlight, but in light of her recent cover reveal and interview, I'm going to unleash Dani Hart and her random, quirky facts.

Get ready. You're gonna love this!

Check out this beaut! 

25 Things You Don't Know About 

Author Dani Hart

 1.       I am super crafty.  I love scrapbooking and making my kid’s birthday party decorations myself.
2.       Going along with #1…I steal all my idea off of pinterest…LOL.  I might be crafty, but I am not that imaginative!
3.       I don’t watch any movies or shows that have to do with REAL drama ever since I had kids.  Too depressing.  I rarely watch anything at all, but when I do it’s of the Vampire diaries and Desperate Housewives variety.
4.       I have never been drunk.  Not from lack of trying.  My body just seems to burn alcohol too quickly.
5.       I used to be an actress. Not famous, but I do have some videos of my work.
6.       I only read fiction and prefer urban fantasy/paranormal, but it has to have a romance.
7.       I was a skater girl when I was teenager.  Baggy clothes, hardcore underground shows and all.
8.       I shaved the side and back of my head when I was a teenager.
9.       I always had different color hair through my teen years.
10.   If you haven’t guessed already, I was a difficult teenager! LOL
11.   I had my first kiss when I was 12. It was before my skater days, but he just happened to be a skater.
12.   2 shows are banned from my bedroom: Jersey Shore and The Walking Dead.  The constant whining from Jersey Shore makes me want to claw my eyes out and the zombie noises give me nightmares.
13.   I went to a Catholic school k-8 and it ruined me for life! (no offense to Catholics! It was just a personal experience)
14.   I had my first real boyfriend when I was 13, I think.  We were together for over a year. 
15.   I have only been in love twice.  I am married to one and the other broke my heart. 
16.   I have a theatre degree from USC (unofficial minor in Screenwriting), Esthetics license, and I am currently in post grad school finishing up my last year for my secondary Math credential.
17.   I named my dog after a city in Greece where I went on my honeymoon.
18.   I get easily claustrophobic, so therefore am not a big snuggler.  It also makes it hard when my kids hang all over me.
19.   I am a hopeless romantic who loves new, young love.
20.   I have A LOT of secrets!
21.   I am a health nut and exercise freak!
22.   I am always doing or planning something.  I am not the person who can sit still.
23.   I am not the biggest fan of cold weather.
24.   Santa Ana winds turn me on.  Yes, I did just say that! I LOVE the warm winds.
25.   I am a total prude! I blush when I read anything sexual in books, so the scenes I write are mild compared to what’s out there.

There you have it. I feel like we've bonded some, don't you? :)

Don't forget to head over to Dani's Cover reveal and interview. (There's a giveaway!)

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