Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review: This is the End

I've got to admit, there was quite a lot of effort involved for myself and fellow reviewer, Brittaney, in
order to see this movie - an hour long drive on my only day off days before we left for Orlando. Uh. Yeah. So, of course, we were hoping this would be a good movie and worth not only the gas, but the crazy ticket price.

Luckily, it totally was. We both loved it, and I've actually seen it twice now.

The concept for This is the End is - shocker - a 'What if?' apocalypse scenario. I know what you're thinking - that we've had quite a lot of post-apocalyptic films (and then some) lately, and this could end up being another in a long line. However, I was very happy with the take on the subject and with the way they took the story on as 'themselves'/celebrities and not some random characters. It was also fairly hilarious, even with some jokes that some people would perhaps frown upon. I thought it was a great stand out for both comedy and End of Days themed movies.

I'm pretty excited to see this one come to DVD, because I'm ready to watch it again. I'd recommend it in a heartbeat, though it's definitely NOT a kid friendly movie.


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