Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review: The Lone Ranger

This is one of those movies that, upon leaving the theater, I realized I needed to insert my foot into
my mouth. Because I was so wrong about this movie, and was ready to be let down - "Come ON?! Really? Johnny Depp as Tonto?" and "They'll just mess this up like everything else I love." (Ha, okay, I'm a little melodramatic, I'll admit.) Not that I don't love Johnny Depp, I just have this constant fear that they are casting him for everything to make a million of the same character. Ya know. Type casting. Yeeeah. Yuck. And I can't deny that it pretty much did happen in this movie, as well. Tonto was a very Jack Sparrow-esque character, which I'm sure they did on purpose. Everyone loves Jack, right?

But that aside, I did find myself amused throughout the entire film, and being taken back to childhood and watching Lone Ranger reruns and wanting masks and sidekicks and adventure. Not only that, though - this movie was a very Tonto and Lone Ranger focused movie, not just Lone Ranger and his sidekick that gets somewhat taken for granted, Tonto. Obviously with someone like Johnny Depp playing Tonto, you know that he won't just be some sidekick that could be ignored or overshadowed. But I enjoyed how they developed this relationship, and that it wasn't just "Here's a Native American version of Jack Sparrow. Look at that bird on his head! He's so crazy. Love you, Depp!" the entire film, with some occasional shots of Armie Hammer in his Lone Ranger garb.

Plus, the action was pretty great, and the story line was interesting enough, though I had most of it figured out pretty early on. But you could easily blame that on my Intro to Cinema class and it's ability to ruin movies for you for forever.

I'd recommend Lone Ranger for sure! Great family movie, though there is a lot of violence involved, there isn't so much it isn't ok for most kiddos.


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