Friday, October 11, 2013

October Author Spotlight


                          RISSA BLAKELEY

Meet Rissa Blakeley, author of Shattered Lives: Broken Dreams

Top 25 reasons in no particular order that you may or may not find me slightly odd, peculiar, or just plain old annoying:

1. The grammar police have arrested me several times. I just smirk, throat punch them, and bust out of grammar jail. Thankfully, I have found some people who are rather good with grammar.

2. I don't like my food touching unless it's meant to... like tacos, salads and things like that. But if my corn and potatoes are touching... look out. There will be a line drawn on my plate and dead corn soldiers within a potato trench.

3. I obsessively listen to music. For example, I will listen to the same song dozens of times in a row. Thank you, Youtube. Which leads me to my next quirky fact.

4. My music tastes run from classical to hip hop. Don't question it. It just fits my unfocused life. When 2Cellos did Muse's Resistance, I about flipped out. Okay, now I have to go listen to it... a couple of times. Ohhh... I see they did a Rhianna song as well! Definitely have to listen to that a few times. *update* Not as good as Resistance, but it would do in a pinch.

5. I hate T.V. commercials. Every once in a while one will grab my attention. It has to be quirky and have an air of odd humor though. Or a hot guy in them. Right now my favorite commercials are the Kraft Zesty Guy commercials. If you haven't seen them, Youtube it. Wow...

6. I do not drink soda unless it's laced with some form of alcohol. One of my favorites is ginger ale with Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. I am a fan of alcohol in general. *Cheers*

7. I love spicy food. My stomach may not like it, but I tell it to put on it's big girl panties and deal with it. I will add crushed red pepper to a lot of things, dip chicken tenders in wing sauce and shake some hot sauce in my food.

8. Some of my writing makes me blush. I read it and can't believe that came out of my head. Some of it feels so dirty, it makes me feel like I need a shower. Especially in the second book in my series.  

9. I could easily kill a plastic house plant. I should not be trusted with a real plant or it may end up dying a slow painful death. If a plant could talk, it would beg for mercy.

10. I fangirl over stuff. For example, Black Dagger Brotherhood... I bought two tee shirts and am seriously considering more. Oh, and Harry Potter. I wish Hogwarts was real. I have a Deathly Hallows symbol on my back car window. I once saw a car with a death eater symbol and smirked knowing my Deathly Hallows symbols trumps that any day. 

11. If you see me in something other than jeans and a tee shirt, assume the worst. I am probably going to a funeral.

12. Me and coffee are total BFF's. And chocolate. And frosting. And cookies... oh screw it. Me, coffee and sweets are total BFF's. I like potato chips as well, especially Trader Joe's cheddar and horseradish ones. Now I'm hungry.

13. Sarcasm is my natural tone. Don't like how I sound? One solution... plug your ears. Simple, yes?

14. I am the queen of social awkwardness. I am that weird chick in the back of the room looking like a paranoid pot head, awkwardly fidgeting and hoping no one approaches, but secretly wishing I was cool enough to talk to everyone.

15. I hate talking on the phone. When I was thirteen, it was a different story. I would talk to my only friend for hours at a time, which used to piss my mother off. It was before the call waiting luxury. I think I just dated myself.

16. I lust after David Gandy. Have you seen the man? Good Lord. He could make an entire room of women drop their panties with quirk of a brow. But I would like to add that I think my hubs is drop dead sexy as well. *insert half smirk here*

17. I can't drink white wine. It goes down like Kool-Aid and makes for a very quick drunken evening. We're the neighbors with recycling bins full of empties. Oops.

18. I will admit, while hanging my head in shame, that I flipping love Real Housewives... except Miami. I mean really, they are just dull and snore worthy. Definitely not nearly as awesome as the Vicki woo hoo's and the Joes duking it out from time to time. 

19. I am a routine kind of girl, which is odd considering my ability to focus sucks. For example, when I am showering (stop picturing me naked) I have to do every thing in the same order or I get messed up and can't remember if I did everything. It gives me anxiety.

20. Loud screaming children (and adults) in public really rub me the wrong way. I mean really, duct tape is cheap. I'd be happy to buy a roll or two for them. I should note that my child has screamed in public on many occasions. I walked around ignoring her like she wasn't screaming, all while people stared at me with such hatred. Probably wishing they had duct tape. 

21. I'm afraid of the dark. I have to sleep with the T.V. on and the light on the entry way of our house or I might see all sorts of crazy things moving outside my bedroom door. I guess it must be my creative mind getting carried away or maybe I'm just insane. It could be because I watched too many horror movies as a kid. Which is probably why I cannot watch them now.

22. I hate it when people lie to me. It makes me flipping snap. One way or another, I always find out the truth. Always. Never underestimate my ability to find out things. Which means, generally, I run across the damning info without even looking for it.

23. I am afraid of spiders. Like Ron Weasley afraid. I have screamed over one on more occasions than I will admit. Once, I almost crashed my car trying to kill one.  I pulled into a parking lot, I got out and ushered it outside and stomped on it a few times for good measure. I left it there as an example for all it's friends and family. I felt powerful in that moment.

24. I love dogs. All dogs. Well, most dogs. We have done our fair share of saving many dogs from an untimely demise over the years. There is nothing better than a wagging tail meeting you at the door, even if you have only gone out to grab the mail.

25. Apart from parenting, writing a book has been the hardest thing that I have ever done. I truly appreciate every ounce of help, wisdom and encouragement that I have received. I have the best cheer leaders on my team and they all mean the world to me. We have sacrificed a lot for this whole writing thing for me and I couldn't have done it without my husband. He has been my biggest supporter since the day I finally allowed him to read what I had written.

What a quirky gal eh? We love her though! Be on the lookout for her upcoming debut novel Shattered Lives: Broken Dreams

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  1. My name is Rissa too. I was Googling myself ~ errr my name & I found your site. Am I now obligated to read your book? Yes, of course I am!!!!