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Interview: Lindy Zart

Author Interview of the Week

Meet Lindy Zart, author of Safe and Sound, Charmed, Charmed Again, Dating Husbands, Take Care, Sara and Ordinary.

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What made you want to be an author?

 I've always loved to write. I write for myself first, but there is a need to share my work as well, a need for someone else to connect with something I've created, to take something from my words, to be affected by them, and that is where the need to be not just a writer but an author as well came from. 

Who has inspired you the most?

 I can't answer this. I get asked this all the time and I have no answer. Not a who, but a what. Emotions. Emotions inspire me to write. Life. Things you wish you could change, things you can't change. Impossible things. The need to escape reality and create your own reality. Grief. Pain. Regret. Hope. Laughter. This is why I write.

Can you tell us about some of your earlier days of writing? 

Yes. I wasn't very good. Well, I shouldn't say that. The stories, of course, have evolved immensely since I first started writing them. But my poetry...I've always loved to write poetry or essay/journal type stuff. That can't get any better than it was to begin with because it's from the heart and it's what I feel. There is no wrong way to feel or wrong way to write about how you feel.

How has your life considerably changed since you've been published?

 Well, it's way more stressful. Ha! But also enlightening, fulfilling. I have demands for sequels I haven't written yet and demands for sequels I haven't even thought of writing nor planned on writing. I also have a hard time keeping everything straight as far as giveaways. I mailed someone bookmarks. Twice. And I message the same blogs repeatedly because I forget I already messaged them. And...I could go on, but I don't want to embarrass myself further. It's also extremely rewarding, especially when someone tells me how much they loved a book of mine. I've been smiling a lot more these days, I'll say that.

What genre do you classify yourself as a writer? 

Oh boy. I can't. I'm all over the place. I jokingly say I have a multiple genre disorder, but it's really true. I write young adult, new adult, science-fiction, paranormal, romantic comedy, contemporary romance, and...I think that's it. So far.

What can readers expect from your books? 

Laughter and tears, drama, and depth. I don't necessarily do happy endings because those aren't realistic, and I don't usually have a specific ending, because I want readers to come to their own conclusions about my stories. I also try to make my characters as real as I can so that the readers feel like they aren't just reading a story, but are a part of a story.

What has been the best experience so far on your journey as an author? 

Oh, that is a hard question because I've had SO MANY wonderful experiences as an author! I was going to say when Take Care, Sara was listed as a best selling book, but then I had to rethink that because way before that, I had amazing, supportive fans who have been like my own cheerleading team even before the popularity of TCS. Love my fans, love the way they make feel like maybe I'm doing a good thing, maybe even something slightly extraordinary. So, I'm going with my fans. (I still feel weird saying/thinking I even have them.)

Can you give us some insight on any upcoming projects?

 I'm currently working on a two-part story. This is a New Adult Romance with the first book from the male's POV and the second book from the female's POV, moving forward in time. It's about sacrifice, finding yourself, taking chances, and being fearless with your love. (I'm always vague about my books. It's a thing with me. I also like parenthesis.)

What advice can you give to any upcoming authors? 

Reviews. *sigh* You're going to get good ones and you're going to get bad ones. Try to shrug off the bad and hold the good close to your heart. Not everyone is going to like your work and some people are even cruel in their reviews, but as long as someone loves your work, you are a success. Try to remember that.

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