Monday, October 14, 2013

Interview: A.R. Von

Author Interview of the Week

Meet A.R. Von, author of The Wunder series.

Photo: A.R. Von

What made you want to be an author?

 It's mostly knowing I can share my passion for a good story with many others and at the same time free up some of the clutter in  my mind. It's REALLY packed up there and I love sharing what's going on with others. It's like a deeply hidden dream come true for me. Yea, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! :)
Who has inspired you the most? 

I have so many that have inspired me like my husband, children and closest of friends. But if not for my editor and friend, Leanore Elliott, I would not have gotten the bravery to come out of my little box. She pushed me, hard and in the deepest end of the waters with no life preserver. Good thing I can swim! I'm very thankful for her giving me that push and having the faith in me (love you Leanore!!)
Can you tell us about some of your earlier days of writing? 

There's not all that not much to tell. I’ve always loved writing from when I was young; even just jotting down non sense that popped into my head or thoughts from my day (or a boy crush) in my journal(s). I wrote poems for my mother every chance I had. I don’t recall if they were all that great. I DO remember most of them based on the rhythm of “Roses are red…” lol
Other than that I did not write down everything (boy do I wish I did now!) I've always had a vivid imagination and very few people knew about it. 
How has your life considerably changed since you've been published?

 Honestly, it hasn't. I'm still me and still doing everything I've done before becoming published. Alright only difference is I'm a touch busier now. But that's about it at the moment. We'll see if it's the same once I release more of my butterflies :)
What inspired the Wunder Series? 

To be honest, I never thought about writing anything involving zombies. The reason Wunder came to be is one day I saw a request for authors  to contribute to an anthology (zombie based) to help raise money for the American Diabetes Foundation and I thought about the subject they wanted the story based on and thought to myself "I could do that, EASY!" The idea for Wunder came to me immediately and I wrote it all down. I've always enjoyed horror movies, zombies and all the things that go bump in the night. So writing Wunder was very easy for me. Anyway, they ended up not accepting it (it was not erotic enough-I believe- or  it might have been the lack of intense gore. Who knows?!) 

What's it like having two teenage boys and writing? 

It's pretty cool actually! They are very understanding, inspirational and supportive of my writing. They both help out when I'm in "the zone". They try their best to make sure no one or nothing bothers me (key word is tries). My oldest even asks if I need any help, ideas and what not. He also is drawing up a few scenes from the first two of the Wunder series. I'll be sure to reveal them when he's finished. Last I saw he was doing it up "comic book" style- lol- LOVE my boys!!
What has been the best experience so far on your journey as an author? 

The feedback, readers and friends I have made. They are each amazing in their own way and I'm forever grateful and appreciative of each and every one. Their support, guidance and friendship is priceless!
Can you give us some insight on any upcoming projects? 

I have another short that’s going to be published in an anthology I wrote specifically for WOCA (Writing Out Child Abuse) that’ll be out some time this year. It’s nothing at all like Wunder, no paranormal elements or romance. It’s more of a ‘based on real life’ story; it’s very deep and emotional…

I’m also working on the next in the Wunder series. I hope to have it released within the next couple of months. I have a secret project with another author as well (shhh). We are still in the planning stages, but it's VERY exciting and different. LOVE different :)
What advice can you give to any upcoming authors? 

Go for it! It will seem impossible at points, but you HAVE to give it a shot if it’s something you really want to do, live the dream. Also, NEVER compare yourself to another; find your own voice because it will speak the loudest. Oh and don't let promoting your work scare you. It's not all that bad ;)

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  1. I am so Happy you gave Writing a Shot Ava, otherwise I would have never read a Zombie Story. You are Brilliant, please don't forget that.

    1. Awe <3
      Thank you so much Maggie! I hope I can convinced more readers to give zombies a chance :)
      I won't forget. With readers like you. I'll never stop writing. so look out ;)

    2. Please bring it on AR. You are the only person who could ever get me to read a Zombie Story, and I am so happy I did. "Wunder is a phenomenal Series" :)

    3. Will do Maggie & thank you again <3

  2. Love Zombies--and I loved the first book in the series--have to read the rest.

  3. Something other than writing that we have in common - 2 boys! Great interview.