Monday, September 2, 2013


Author Spotlight

One of this month's Author Spotlights is the talented Vicki Green. We've interviewed Vicki as well and she's quite the gal! Check out some quirky interesting facts about her below!

18 Things You Don't Know About Author Vicki Green

1.     I love Classic Rock!
2.    I am a BIG Maroon 5 fangirl, especially Adam Levine (Swoon)
3.    I got my first tattoo this week, on my wrist. It is my forever symbol from my book.
4.    I hate Liver! (ewwwww)
5.    I love Mexican food
6.    I can’t have any noise when I’m writing. I have to have complete concentration. My mind wonders too much.
7.    I love to go dancing!!!!
8.    I have two teenage boys that think I am crazy. J
9.    I’ve worked at my job for 35 years and still love it!
10. I dream of the characters in my book, and the next one I am writing. That is how I get my stories.
11.  When I am in the bathroom, I have to have my radio up high. I love music!
12. I have two computer monitors. One I use to see while I am writing and 1, to keep an eye on facebook, my book, etc…
13. I love, love, love hot Venti Mocha’s, non fat, no whip from Starbuck’s
14. I know, I’m weird but I love to grocery shop.
15. I used to take Zumba class and loved it! Exercise and dancing rolled up into one!
16. I have way too many books on my Kindle and Nook
17. I like Chocolate Frosted Flakes for dessert
18. I love tattoo’s on a hot guy. Oh, who am I kidding…I love HOT guys! Yes, I am married and he knows.  J

Well there you have it ladies and gents. The fabulous Vicki Green. Check out her Interview with A Thousand Lives Reviews and the Cover Reveal for her new book "Together Forever".

ATLR Interview
Together Forever Cover Reveal

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