Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: Kitchen Affairs by Brooke Cumberland

{Book:} Kitchen Affairs
{Author:} Brooke Cumberland
{Copyright:} Brooke Cumberland 2013
{Pages:}258 (Nook pages)
{Description:} Drake Stagliano is a high maintenance man from a wealthy empire family in Chicago. He managers The Riverside Hotel/Restaurant where he only expects the absolute best. With a past filled with being used and heartbreak, the last thing he expects is to find a woman he can't control himself around... a chef intern.

Molly Woods is not your typical 23 year old. She's in her last semester of culinary school and interning at Drake's restaurant. She's closed dating off her list - her only priorities are finishing school & her 4 year old daughter. When Molly is pursued by Drake, she does everything she can to deny the chemistry and sexual tension. However, that doesn't last long & she finds herself completely mad over him.

When an intimate video goes public, Molly's internship and credibility is threatened. She's lusts for the one man she's been able to connect with after the sudden death of her late fiancé - but can Drake hold on for the emotional ride? Molly will need to let go of her past in order let Drake in. Fall in love with this steamy, funny, & romantic story of two people who find each other just when they both need someone the most.

{Alesha's Thoughts:}

Holy shit what a journey! This book is fantabulous. If that's not a word, it should be dammit. This book has everything from heartbreak to anger to confusion to raw love. I would like to say that I loved every moment of this book but I did not. There were numerous times that I was simply pissed off. Let's just say that I did NOT agree with Molly's actions on NUMEROUS occasions. However, the emotions evoked in this piece are fantastic. They reel you in and hold you tight. I felt my heart race with anticipation in some spots. I felt it break in others. I felt it soar in others yet. There is something relatable about this book no matter who you are.Yes, there are some very steamy parts but I enjoyed reading them. The language isn't explicit or raunchy, however, the scene still plays out to the fullest. 

What I really loved about this book was the balance. Not only do you get the saucy love life of Molly and Drake but you also get their battles. You get the real-life stories that belong to them and you experience their struggles first hand. I love feeling like I'm living the book instead of just reading it. 

Brooke baby, Kudos. You really did a number with this one!

Wanna get your hands on a copy of Kitchen Affairs? (Who are we kidding, you know you do!)

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