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Interview: Kerry Frith

Author Interview of the Week

Meet Kerry Frith, author of the Cocktails and Tattoos series.

Photo by Kerry Frith

What made you want to be an author?
English was always my favorite subject at school. As soon as we’d have an essay to write, I was in my element. I loved to write! I think I have an over-imaginative brain and what better way to use it then be an author?  It’s always been my dream but you know, with the 5 figure sum book deal, books on shelves in stores and people cueing round the bloke for a signed copy. I’m not quite there yet but I feel I am living my dream and I believe if I work hard enough, I could get the full package one day. Now that would be awesome. 
Who has inspired you the most?
Well, other authors for sure. Reading another author’s book and thinking, “I want to do that.” has made me sit down and do it. Also, my husband and kids. They inspire me everyday. Even when they are driving me mad because one of them always manages to do something that ends up in my book!   

Can you tell us about some of your earlier days of writing?
I decided to write my first story when I was in senior school, around the age of 14/15. My best friend at the time was my proof reader/editor and it was about a girl named Holly experiencing love and heartache for the first time. Nothing ever came of it. I think I still have it around somewhere, handwritten in some folder or another. Maybe I should dust if off one day. From then, the stories came few and far between but life got busy and I stopped but it never left me. I have written many books, which I have never finished. Maybe one day I will get round to finishing them and perhaps published. Who knows.

How has your life considerably changed since you've been published?
Being called an author is weird. It kind of makes it official, doesn’t it? It makes it feel so much more then just being a writer or a daydreamer or someone that just makes stuff up and spends far too much time on the PC. Actually it’s my freedom pass to spending time too much on the PC. My eldest son said to me just yesterday that he’d told his teacher I was an author and she didn’t believe him so he got my books up on Amazon. I feel proud that he feels proud of me. It’s a great feeling. He also told me I am famous because he typed my name into Google and I came up ha ha ha I don’t see myself as famous at all but the thought is nice. Since being published, I think I have changed. I am more confident and I speak more openly. People tend to ask questions because they are generally interested. I can never get bored of that. It’s also opened my eyes. From people I expected to get the support from I never, and I got it from the people I least expected, so you know, when I do make my millions I know who I will be sharing it with :) 

What inspired you to write the Cocktails and Tattoos Series?

Ah, good question. I think I’d just finished reading a book and it made me laugh and gave me that fuzzy warm feeling most romantic novels give you and I wanted to do that. I sat down with so many ideas but once an idea struck, it fell together piece by piece. I knew in my head what I wanted my main character to be and when I got down to it, it just wrote itself. It didn’t take me long to write because I knew exactly where I wanted to take it but at the time, I never had any intentions of publishing it. It was going to be just another file to clog up my PC. It’s funny how things turn out. Once I wrote the first, I started a second then I had an idea for a third and fourth. It just happened and I am so glad it did.
How difficult do you find it to get the word out about your books in other countries besides the UK? 
I always say, writing a book is the easy part, everything else that follows is hard. Self-promoting is a tough business. I try to pump it as much as I can but of course I don’t want to over do it and be seen as desperate. I think I am at a little advantage as I have family in the USA and they have all read my books and recommended them but when you are self-published it’s all word of mouth unless you get lucky. People in other countries only tend to read my book when it’s on a freebie because of course I am an unknown. Who wants to pay for a book by an author they don’t know. I must say though, the first time Cocktails & Tattoos went free, it hit #7 in the top 10 free downloads in romance *brushes knuckles on chest and gives them a blow.*

What has been the best experience so far on your journey as an author?
I’d say I have two. The first being people telling me how much they love my book and I don’t mean supportive relatives but by proper fans you don’t know from Adam. Now I can never get enough of that. Second, seeing my name in lights, or should I say on Amazon. It makes it feel real. Of course I downloaded it to my kindle too just so I can look at it. Who doesn’t? 

Can you give us some insight on any upcoming projects?

I have my first stand alone book being published on 9th August called Handbags at Dawn. I am super excited. It will be interesting to hear what people think because they have only ever known me to write the Cocktails & Tattoos series so they are familiar with the characters but this is totally new. I can’t wait. Also, I am writing a fifth in the series to Cocktails & Tattoos. I did plan to stop after the fourth but what can I say, if the characters are still talking to me, what can I do other then continue their story. All Cocktails & Tattoos fans will love it I’m sure. I know I am enjoying writing it. 

What advice can you give to any upcoming authors?
Do it and never give up! I started writing when I was teen but I didn’t actually publish or let anyone else read my stuff until I was 33! Don’t wait that long. Just follow your dream and do it. I am so glad I did and instead of being scared of what people will think of your work, you’d be surprised at how many people will like it. 

Thanks so much, Kerry for interviewing with us! Don't forget to follow her outlets below!

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