Sunday, August 4, 2013

Inspired Ink: Number One

Angel here! Just a quick little post for you -

I wanted to start a little post series on here for the various fandoms and call it, Inspired Ink. As a gal with seven tattoos (and counting), ink is a passion of mine. For example, one of my favorite tattoos:

This isn't the best shot of it, because it was taken LITERALLY right after it was finished, so it's all red and shiny. Any guesses? Yes, no?

Alright, alright - for those of you that don't get it: Padfoot was the Marauder's nickname if you will for Sirius Black, from Harry Potter. Those that know me well know I'm a die hard Harry Potter fan. Soon enough, I'll have a bigger post on this. But for now, we stick to the tattoo.

Now, here's what I expect from YOU all:

Send us your pictures! We wanna see your ink! Something from a book, movie, etc that has truly inspired you. Send it to us on Facebook or email it to thousandlivesreview at yahoo dot com with the subject "Inspired Ink" and, with your consent, we'll feature you in an album on Facebook as well as a post on here!

See you all when I'm back from Chicago!


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