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Interview: Madeline Sheehan

Author Interview of the Week

Meet Madeline Sheehan, author of the Undeniable Series.

All Rights Reserved to Madeline Sheehan

What made you want to be an author? 
That's actually a pretty hard question to answer. 
There was no one thing that made me want to be an author, it just seemed, I guess, that writing was innate for me. I was an avid reader from a very young age, I voraciously read everything I could get my hands on, from War and Peace to the back of shampoo bottles...  I also daydreamed incessantly, my head was constantly filled with stories of lives not my own, turning my own life experiences into something bigger, better, far greater... Taking what was bad in my life and turning it into whatever I wanted it to be. My imagination knows no bounds, even as a child, no -- especially as a child.  I remember being seven years old, bike riding daily and every time I pulled out of my driveway I was riding into, not the same street I lived on, but instead a fictional world filled with dinosaurs or movie stars or giant man eating plants...

After it got too crazy inside my head, I started writing some of it down, more or less to release some of the knocking in my brain. And that's really about it. 

Who has inspired you the most?
As far as writing goes, Diana Gabaldon. Hands down, she is my favorite author, an incredible story teller, a master word manipulator, she is viciously intelligent and it shows in her writing... I will read anything she writes, no matter the cost. Her devotion to her characters, her undoubted backbreaking research, just everything, she's damn incredible.
As for my inspiration in life. My mother. She survived stage four cancer. She had surgery after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment and never once complained, never once stopped being a great mother... Now, that, to me, is a strong woman.

Can you tell us about some of your earlier days of writing?
I blogged mostly, I had a huge following and considering I was just writing about my daily life I was floored by how many people actually enjoyed reading what I was writing down. 

How has your life considerably changed since you've been published?
LOL. I'm quite a bit busier. I had to quit my day job in Public Relations, just so I could get the business end of publishing done before 4 AMevery day. But I couldn't be happier. I'm traveling across the country, I'm meeting new people on regular basis, authors, readers, bloggers, and I love every second of it. I've made some incredible friends, people I'm not sure how I ever did without. All in all, my life is better than I'd ever dreamed it would be.

You're a USA Today best selling author. Way to go! How has that impacted your writing?
Truth be told, I'm a little worried. I feel like I have to live up to higher standard. But will that worry affect my writing? Absolutely not. I will still be writing my characters exactly how they, how I, want to write them. I will stay true to my original formula, raw, gritty, no holds barred, holding nothing back... 

You're a Batman lover! So is ATLR's Angel :) What makes Batman such a hero for you?
For one, he's sexy as hell. Two, he doesn't wear tights. Three, he's great in bed. How can you not love him?

What has been the best experience so far on your journey as an author?
Meeting other authors, becoming friends and not feeling so alone in all my quirks. Commiserating, sharing stories, having someone who understands all the ups and downs, highs and lows of writing and publishing... For a long time I'd felt alone in my craziness, but now I know I'm not. We're all crazy. ;)

Can you give us some insight on any upcoming projects?
Obviously I have more in my Undeniable series, a total of five in all (Undeniable, UnBeautifully, Unattainable, UnBeloved and UnDying). 
I have two more upcoming books in my PNR The Holy Trinity Series, (The Lost Souls and My Heart and Soul).
And I have two upcoming standalones, Diary of a Crackwhore and To Be Like Her. Diary of Crack-Whore is the personal account of one woman's survival through an abusive childhood and drug abuse, To Be Like Her is the story of a marriage destroyed by a love triangle.

What advice can you give to any upcoming authors?
Just do it. Just fucking do it.

Thanks so much, Madeline for interviewing with us! Don't forget to follow her outlets below!

All Rights Reserved to Madeline Sheehan
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