Monday, November 25, 2013

Interview: Lauren Blakely

Author Interview of the Week

This week's interview is with Lauren Blakely, author of New York Times best seller Trophy Husband.

What made you want to be an author?

I hear voices in my head! No, seriously. But good voices! And they want their stories told! And because I love reading and being transported and I want to be able to do the same - to whisk readers away with a love story.

Who has inspired you the most?

Inspiration comes from so many places! When it comes to authors, I adore Danielle Steele, Sophie Kinsella, Simone Noelle, and I loved Sidney Sheldon growing up. Of course, I'm a Harry Potter fan too and Time Traveler's Wife is one of my favorite romances of all time. But I also find inspiration from movies, like Shakespeare in Love, from songs, like Joss Stone's Bruised But Not Broken, and from Broadway musicals like Rent. 

Can you tell us about some of your earlier days of writing?

When I started my first novel seven or eight years ago (not published), I didn't have a clue how to tell a story! It was slow and sluggish and overly detailed. But I've had great critique partners and have learned to fine tune the details and - I hope - to cut out the boring parts.

How has your life considerably changed since you've been published?

I'm busier! A lot busier! But I love what I do so I wouldn't change a thing.

What can readers expect from your books?

I aim to deliver sexy romance with HEAs. My books so far have been sexy, sweet and funny with lots of banter and steamy scenes. My next release, Playing With Her Heart (August 20), is a bit of divergence, but in a good way. It's longer, deeper, more emotional, more angst, and hotter sex scenes!

Trophy Husband was listed on the New York Times Best Seller list. Congratulations! How does that boost your career?

It's a dream come true! My first novel Caught Up In Us was also a NYT Bestseller, and when Trophy Husband hit, I was shocked and thrilled, and also had this wonderful feeling of perhaps the first time wasn't a fluke, since I had hit with two books!

What has been the best experience so far on your journey as an author?

The best part is hearing from readers. I adore my readers and I love their messages and knowing they enjoyed my stories.

Can you give us some insight on any upcoming projects?

Yes! Playing With Her Heart - - releases Aug 20 and is the 3rd book in the Caught Up In Us series, but each book centers on a different couple, so this can be read as a standalone. For fans of Caught Up In Us though, they'll get to enjoy scenes with some of the characters they've enjoyed from the other books. This book is also my first novel in first person dual POV so you'll hear from the hero and the heroine, and they have a very intense relationship!

What advice can you give to any upcoming authors?

Write every day. Don't give up. Study the market. Make friends. Be nice. Love your readers.

Thanks so much, Lauren for interviewing with us! Don't forget to follow her outlets listed below!

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