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Interview: Jill Prand

Author Interview of the Week

Meet Jill Prand, author of Watch Me Walk Away.

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What made you want to be an author?

I've always had stories in my head. Reading was a big thing in my house growing up and creating stories was just a progression of the love of books. I finally realized that it was time to really finish a story and take the plunge to let others read my work.

Who has inspired you the most?

My mom and my kids are my inspiration.  My parents split when I was a teenager and the strength and compassion my mom had during that time just astounds me. She kept us together and never lost it even when I acted out. She's always been there for me and I don't know what I would do without her.  My kids make me proud everyday. I love them more than anything and with me publishing my book I hope I am teaching them that they can follow their dreams.

Can you tell us about some of your earlier days of writing?

I started thinking about really becoming a writer after college and started a book about a girl who gets kidnapped by an ex-boyfriend.  I got a few chapters into it and then stopped.  (I may go back to it at some point)  When I was on maternity leave with my second daughter I started another book about a girl in college who has been sheltered her whole life and now has freedom.  (This is a work in progress that has taken a little bit of a turn)

How has your life considerably changed since you've been published?

I just love meeting both new authors bloggers and readers!  Having people excited about something I've created is an awesome feeling!  It makes me humble that there are people out there who want to know more of what happens with characters I created.

Can you tell us a little bit about Watch Me Walk Away?

Lisa and Bobby dated in high school and then Bobby went into the army, breaking up with Lisa and not staying in touch at all. Lisa was devastated and after high school she left for college and hasn't been back since.  She moves back for a great job in NYC and starts to re-connect with old friends. She sees Bobby again and the passion is still there.  Then there is Brad, who used to be her best friend. He still holds a candle for her and tries to be what she needs.  Lisa navigates her way through all this as well as the current guy she's seeing,Stuart. 

If you were a reader and had to choose, which would it be? Team Bobby or Team Brad?

It's really hard. Both guys are great and if I could combine them into one he would be the perfect man. But as you all know no one is perfect. Bobby is a strong alpha male who takes charge but has a problem with emotions.  Brad is the rock to lean on but he doesn't stand up for what he wants. He doesn't fight for her. Lisa is torn between them and so am I.  But if I had to choose I thing I would choose Brad.  Having someone who knows all of me and not having to hide would be my choice. 

What has been the best experience so far on your journey as an author?

Reading the reviews that people are moved by my story.  That people can relate to my characters.  That's the best part. 

Can you give us some insight on any upcoming projects?

I have two WIP's at the moment.  The second in the Walking Series which features more about Brad, and the one about the college girl. 

What advice can you give to any upcoming authors?

Keep writing.  If you write everyday it is so much easier and the flow is better.  I know life gets in the way sometimes but the more you write the better you will be at it.

Thanks so much, Jill for interviewing with us! Don't forget to follow her outlets below!

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